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Story This Robotic Arm is made without Arduino. It works on a 2.4gh Transmitter which is commonly used in drones therefore I am using a FlySky FS-ia6 worth 5500 inr. I also used a 3mm Acrylic Sheet to make its arms. Servo Motors used are Tower Pro Mini Servos and they works on 5v and also the reciever works on 5V thats why i used a 5V 2A Power supply which can be provided using a Mobile Charger. This Project is good for School and Colleges Projects, Science Exhibitions and for hobby too. You will need – 1. 4x Servo Motors 2. Acrylic Sheet 3. Drone Transmitter Tools Needed – 1. Screw Driver 2. Acrylic Cutter 3. Double Sided Tape 4. Cutter Servo Motor A servo motor is a closed-loop system that uses position feedback to control its motion and final position. In industrial type servo motors the position feedback…

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