Monthly Archives: February 2020

Electronic Dice Electronic Dice is a playful electronic project with integrated electronic components involvement. The dice works extremely well in all favorable conditions a user needs when he/she plays a game. Using beautiful schematic and colorful LEDs’ dice reflects enjoyment when biasing. So, let’s begin towards the development. Principle of Electronic Device: An integrated circuit(IC) 4017 is connected in the circuit, whenever the user touches the naked wire leaves a side of the circuit. The signal reaches the IC which is connected to the 6 variant LED’s the power is given simultaneously to LEDs and when the user removes his/her hand away from the naked wire. The signals stop at a certain LED and it indicates the number obtained from that LED with it’s naming. What are you waiting for let’s make it. Components Required: 1. Integrated circuit (IC) 4017 (1) get it from here 2. 6 LED’s (same or different…

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