Monthly Archives: April 2022

Hey guys, welcome to RoboCircuits.If you are following my channel for a while, you might notice I make a lot of PCB-based projects here and recently started to build SMD component-based projects. SMD components come in various sizes. The bigger sizes like 0805 and 0603 can be soldered easily using a thin tip soldering iron and a video on how to solder these components can be found here. The problem comes right here when we try to solder the smaller components like 0402 size, we cannot do that using our bare hands here we need assembly machines That can solder our components easily. Those machines are really expensive. So, companies provide services to customers for PCB assembly. We send them our design files, PCBs and components then they assemble those PCBs for us. The best part is that some companies assemble the SMD components and provide the components. This means…

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Can we make our project to talk with the internet? How to connect our esp32 with the internet? Can we stream data from it? Is it safe to store data in the cloud server?

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