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What is RoboCircuits

RoboCircuits is a Electronics learning Page. Here you can learn cool projects for your own interests or school/college submissions.
Here one can learn programming basics and advanced programming projects This is not a channel this is a community.
We specially use Arduino,
— So Arduino lovers
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Our Story

RoboCircuits was started on 21 July 2017. First video on RoboCircuits YouTube channel was Arduino LCD Tutorial. Then we started making projects on Arduino and started making Arduino Tutorials.

Meet the Team

One Man Army!!! Our team have only one member who do all jobs of YouTube as well as website.


Prashant Sharma

Founder & CEO

A common hobbyist with huge dreams.


See Our Projects

You will love to see what we made. Just go to our project page. We will love your precious comments on the same.

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