Making of Arduino Radar

Making of Arduino Radar

Credits – Dejan Nedelkovski … You can visit their page by clicking here!!

Arduino Radar

All you need for this Arduino Project is an Ultrasonic Sensor for detecting the objects, a small Servo Motor for rotating the sensor and an Arduino Nano Board for controlling them. You can watch the video or read the written tutorial below.

To watch the video click here!!

Parts needed

1. Arduino Nano V3

2. Ultrasonic Sensors

3. Servo Motor

4. Breadboard and jumpers

Making the physical device

1. Firstly i made a cardboard stand for ultrasonic sensor which can be mounted on the servos motors and ultrasonic sensor can for properly in it.

2. I made a stand for the servos using a plastic board of size 3×4 inch. And made a cutting for servo and made it legs using long screws.

3. I connected the servo and upraising sensor work the Arduino on breadboard

4. Now our setup is ready….

The coding part….

Firstly i upload a code into the Arduino which calculate the distance using ultrasonic sensor and angle using servo motor and send them through serial connection.

When the servo starts rotating i run the code from the Processing software which converts the serial data into cool radar like lines and describe the empty space using great lines and obstacle using red lines.

On the footer it shows angle and distance of obstacle from it.

Coding Part

Codes can be found from the website howtomechatronics click here to go to the page….

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