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Arduino – Blinking LED LEDs are small, powerful lights that are used in many different applications. To start, we will work on blinking an LED, the Hello World of microcontrollers. It is as simple as turning a light on and off. Establishing this important baseline will give you a solid foundation as we work towards experiments that are more complex. Components Required You will need the following components − 1 × Breadboard 1 × Arduino Uno R3 1 × LED 1 × 330Ω Resistor 2 × Jumper Procedure Follow the circuit diagram and hook up the components on the breadboard as shown in the image given below. Note − To find out the polarity of an LED, look at it closely. The shorter of the two legs, towards the flat edge of the bulb indicates the negative terminal. Components like resistors need to have their terminals bent into 90° angles…

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