Lie Detector using Arduino

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Lie Detector using Arduino

robocircuitsCreated April 3, 2019 © CC BY-SA

Lie Detector using Arduino

Catch your lier friend Easy Full instructions provided 1 hour

Lie Detector using Arduino

Things used in this project

Hardware components
LED (generic)×1
Arduino Nano R3×1
Software apps and online services
Arduino IDE
Hand tools and fabrication machines
Soldering iron (generic)


Credits – Dante Roumega

Our skin is amazing! It provides a medium for us to experience the sense of touch, it keeps infections out and keeps innards in but I bet you didn’t know that our skin changes conductivity depending on many different things one being our mood! It called Electrodermal activity (EDA) and there’s a really interesting Wikipedia page you can read here. The basics are that our skin changes its conductivity depending on how we feel.

We start by connect our Arduino to the subject and then connect the Arduino to a computer with the graphing software (I’ll go over this in detail later)

We have to start by asking the subject some easy questions we know they will answer truthfully like “what is your name” and “where do you live” to get a baseline and from there we can start asking questions that they may lie about, if they do they would probably feel nervous and then we can read the change in the base line that be established earlier if they lie 😀

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To know how to make this thing. Watch our YOUTUBE Video.

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Schematics for Lie Detector

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Code for Lie Detector






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