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    PCD dies for Filament wire
    The wire drawing die is a mold for drawing various metal wires, and can draw straight, difficult-to-machine objects such as bars, wires, wires, pipes, etc., and is suitable for drawing processing of metal and alloy materials such as steel, copper, tungsten, filament, etc. It can obtain wire with precise wire diameter, good surface quality and high strength. The high temperature resistance, high strength and wear resistance of the filament make it widely used in electric light source, wire cutting and other industries, but it has the characteristics of high deformation temperature, fast work hardening rate and high tensile strength, so the processing is difficult. The quality of the wire drawing die is very high. The fine filament wire is usually used in the polycrystalline drawing die, which affects the quality of the wire drawing die. In addition to the core material, it is mainly the hole type parameter of the wire drawing die. By studying the main parameters of the drawing die, using the special tester for the wire drawing die to detect the change, the optimal range of the drawing die hole parameters is compared and analyzed to improve the use quality and working life of the wire drawing die. The drawing die in filament processing consists of two parts: the core and the die sleeve. The function of the die sleeve is to form a fixed core. The overall die is easy to use, and the mold is prevented from being crushed when the wire is pulled too much, so that the impact resistance of the mold is improved. Improve, reduce or offset the expansion force of the core, improve the strength of the core, and the heat generated by the deformation of the wire through the mold sleeve plays a role of heat transfer and heat dissipation. Under normal circumstances, see the shape of the die hole structure of the wire drawing die It consists of 5 parts: entrance area, lubrication area, working area, sizing area and exit area.Wire Drawing Die factory