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    You need a aircraft hangar
    Building a aircraft hangar are the best way to secure and maintain investments. Considering the value of aircraft, aircraft hangars has become extremely important to have a reliable fixed protection space in aircraft storage, servicing, maintenance and paint facilities.
    Reason for steel aircraft hangars
    Steel is the most suitable building material for the hangar. A aircraft hangar not only need have enough big internal clear space to store and move your aircraft but also have enough strength to withstand various climatic conditions.
    Below are some advantages of steel aircraft hangar:
    With a variety of configurations readily available you can custom-design your steel hangar to meet the size, type and appearance requirements of investor. This makes it possible for you to build a aircraft structure that not only conforms to any building requirements but can also accommodate the space clearance needs of an aircraft.
    The service life of a well-designed steel aircraft hangar is up to 50 years.
    Construction cycles:
    Because most of building materials is customized、produced and designed in PEB company, The construction cycle is greatly reduced.
    Choose TAIWEI quickly start your hangar plan
    TAIWEI is a professional manufacturer of steel structure,Over the past few decades we always offer a premium building system at an affordable price and is committed to providing first-class service to our customs.Steel Hangars China