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    Stainless Steel Bathroom Set in sanding finish-WBS0613A
    1. Product Introduction
    The collection is made of stainless steel, with a sanding finish offers an excellent match with any decorations in the bath.The special design of the base gives it a decorative look,this bathroom set will add an attractive and modern art elements to your bathroom.
    Model No.MaterialFinishColorContentSize
    WBS0613AStainless steelSatin finishSilverSoap dispenserDIA:8.1×18.7 cm
    Toothbrush holderDIA:8.1×9.4 cm
    TumblerDIA:8.1×10.5 cm
    Soap dishDIA:11.2×2.4 cm
    Cotton jarDIA:8.1 x13 cm
    Toilet brush holderDIA: 9.5×43 cm
    Stainless steel is a metal alloy that has elements added to steel which make it rust and corrosion resistant. These alloys also influence the ability to weld, cut, grind, drill and perform other machining and assembly work to it. Stainless steels are similar but have different properties. Stainless steels with similar characteristics are grouped together. In general, stainless steels are harder and more corrosion resistant than carbon steel.
    200-Series Stainless Steel
    This series of stainless steel has 17 percent chromium, 4-percent nickel and 7-percent manganese added to steel. The 200-series steels have an austenitic structure. This refers to the crystal structure of the material. Austenitic stainless steels have higher chromium and nickel content. Austenitic stainless steels weld easier than other stainless steels. This metal is magnetic after heating.
    300-Series Stainless Steel
    The 300 series has 18-percent chromium and 8-percent nickel added to the steel. Stainless steel with this mix uses 18-8 as its name as well as the 300-series number. These steels aren’t attracted to magnets. This is an austenitic stainless steel, so it is easier to weld than some other stainless steels. It can be made magnetic. The 304 grade is the most commonly used stainless steel, and the 316 grade is the second most common.
    400-Series Stainless Steel
    This group of stainless steels has an addition of 11 percent chromium and 1-percent manganese. The 400 series is susceptible to rust and corrosion under some conditions. Heat-treating will harden the 400 series. The 400 series of stainless steels have a martensitic crystalline structure that has higher carbon content. This provides high strength and high wear resistance.
    2. Product parameter, feature and application
    4. Product qualificationChina Bathroom Sets suppliers