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  • fgdy676 posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd also supplies two printheads high resolution inkjet printer EII. Compared with the single printhead thermal coder, EII thermal inkjet printer has its own specific advantages.
    1. Print Heights
    With two stitched print heads, Print Heights can reach 1 inch (25.4mm)
    2. Stand-alone print heads
    Print heads and the controller can separately print two half inch
    3. Connect to External Data Source
    Through port of USB, Ethernet and RS232, EII production line TIJ printer can integrate with the external data
    4. Database Support
    PC software supports the timely printing of data of MS Excel, MS Access, SQL2000, SQL2005, SQL2008 etc…
    5. Built-in Photocell
    Smart detection of external substrates with built-in photocell in print heads
    6. 7 inch LCD Touch Screen
    7 inch bran-new color LCD touch screen
    8. Aviation Connector
    With Aviation connector to achieve high reliability and easy installation for bidirectional printingThermal Inkjet Printer