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    k1 bio filter media introduction
    k1 bio filter media is a new bioactive carrier , it uses scientific formula and according to the different nature of sewage in polymer materials to adding a variety of beneficial microorganisms quickly attach and grow the trace elements, through special modifying and structuring process.
    k1 bio filter media possess has the advantage of good hydrophilicity , high biological activity, quick film formation, easy to multiply, difficult falling off, large specific surface area and high biomass, appropriate specific gravity and good fluidization effect, high oxygen utilization efficiency and long service life, to ensure the effective operation of the process.
    k1 bio filter media main features
    Scientific formula, rapid forming biofilm
    Addition of a variety of trace elements in the carriers, improve its hydrophilic performance, accelerate growth of microorganism and improve its physiological activity, rapidly attachment on the surface of the carriers, and the rapid growth, accelerate forming membrane and improve water treatment efficiency.

    Large specific surface area, attachment more microorganism
    Fluid design geometry and special surface treatment, forming a huge surface area for the bacteria to create a safe, comfortable living environment, provides adequate space and extended conditions.
    Easy fluidization, low energy consumption
    Suitable density (less than 0.96 gm/cc and when the biofilm formation near about 1gm/cc), the carriers are more easy fluidization, save energy consumption. Unique zigzag structure of carriers, that favor of freely three-dimensional flow in water, constantly shock and cutting bubbles in water, increase and oxygen contact frequency, to provide more oxygen to the bacteria, fast degradation of organic pollutants in wastewater.
    Flexible dosing ratio, high load capacity
    Adjusting the dose depending on wastewater characteristics, treatment process, discharge standards and available volumes. Suitable for the excess load active sludge law transformation and the area limited newly built sewage factory.
    Bio Filter Media Applicable Scope
    1. Excess load active sludge process treatment plant transformation.
    2. Newly built sewage treatment factory of MBBR and BAF process.
    3. Biological treatment of wastewater reuse.
    4. River regulation, denitrification and phosphorus removal.
    5. Aquaculture degrade ammonia nitrogen, water purification.
    6. As biological deodorization tower filler.Bio Filter Media suppliers