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    Product introduction:
    1. RS485 communication capability for end devices to reliably read operating parameters to the controller. The terminal equipment (host computer) can read and modify the running parameters of the controller through Modelbus communication protocol to realize remote monitoring and debugging.
    2. Bluetooth function, Phone APP display controller parameters
    3. Increased MPPT charging current due to ultramodern controller technology (microprocessor) by 10% to 30% (efficiency > 95%)
    4. Switchable characteristic lines of charging for optimum charging of Gel / Dryfit / AGM / lead-acid, as well as LiFePO4 batteries.
    5. Connection for temperature sensor, Automatic adaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature. In case of low outside temperatures, full charging of the weaker battery is improved, and in case of summery temperatures unnecessary battery gassing will be avoided.
    Max. PV Power12V: 240W, 24V: 480W
    Max. PV voltage50V
    Max. charge current20A
    Max. load current20A
    Idle self-consumption4 mA
    Recharge the battery voltage12V: 13.2V, 24V: 26.4V
    HVD(max)12V: 15.5V, 24V: 31V
    Over current protectionYES
    Short circuit protectionYES
    Over heat protectionYES
    Integrated Cooling Fan with Temp. ControlYES
    Built in fuse40A
    Temperature SensorYes
    Charging stage3 stage
    Ambient Conditions, Humidity of AirMax. 95% RH, no condensation
    Battery charge parameter
    Battery typeBoost charging voltageFloat charging voltageDefault temperature
    Liability Exclusion
    The manufacturer shall not be liable for damages, especially on the battery, caused by use other than as intended or as mentioned in this manual or if the recommendations of the battery manufacturer are neglected. The manufacturer shall not be liable if there has been service or repair carried out by any unauthorized person, unusual use, wrong installation, or bad system design.MPPT Charge Controller Made in China