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    The main components of the skid positioning device are as follows:
    Motor reducer. Its main function is to reduce the speed and improve the output torque. The output ratio of the torque is multiplied and decelerated according to the output ratio of the motor. The deceleration reduces the inertia of the load at the same time.
    Clamping device. The clamping device is composed of a bracket, a driving device, a connecting rod mechanism, an active arm component and a driven arm component.
    The working principle of the positioning device is as follows:
    There is a fixed frame on the base. One side of the fixed frame is equipped with the active shaft, the other side is equipped with the driven shaft, the active wheel is equipped with the driven shaft, the driven wheel is meshed with the driven wheel, the active belt bearing is respectively arranged on the active shaft on both sides of the driving wheel, and the driven belt bearing and the active belt seat are respectively arranged on the driven shaft on both sides of the driven wheel. The bearing and the driven belt seat bearing are arranged on the fixing frame, the two active belt seat bearings are provided with the active arm, and the two driven belt seat bearings are provided with the driven arm. The active arm and the driven arm on the same side can rotate to form a clamping clamp for clamping the skid. Two gears are meshed to drive two rotating arms to move at the same time to form clamping jaws, thus realizing the accurate positioning of the two rotating arms for the skid.
    Uses of positioning devices:
    Accurate positioning of the skid is realized.
    Point Inspection and Maintenance of Positioning Device:
    Checking the fastening condition of each component, driving device, safety trip switch and photoelectric switch whether the fixing bolts are loose. Whether the driving motor is good or not, whether there is any abnormality. Checking the oil surface of the reducer to make it within its calibration range. If you encounter oil change day (visual inspection at 3000 hours of operation, change lubricant after 10000 hours, oil brand Shell Omala 220), you should change oil in time, and pay attention to its temperature rise in use does not exceed the specified value of its products.China Motorcycle Assembly Line