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  • fish26fi posted an update 7 months ago

    With the current improvement and more new dormitories are available in the market, Temporary Construction Site Dormitories become more and more popular, because it will help to save the cost and installation time.
    For the cost of Temporary Construction Site Dormitories, it can be as USD45/per square meter. The average annual cost of use is much lower than that of similar materials built by other materials.Meanwhile, because of its short time need for installation, if will same the cost.
    Installation step:
    The installation process requires only simple tools. The on-site construction period is short, and an average of 6 skilled workers can install about 120 square meters of mobile home per day.
    K-type Construction Site Dormitories is very convenient to transpor: 40-foot container can hold about 200-300 square meters of movable room. The product components are easy to store and have high transportation efficiency. It can be used for transportation of various inland vehicles.
    Beautiful Decorations:
    Beautiful decoration: the overall appearance of the house is beautiful, the color is bright, the texture is soft, the board surface is flat, and it has a good decorative effect.China K Type Prefab House manufacturers