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    Single crystal diamond material feature:
    Single crystal diamond is produced by HPHT-high pressure high temperature. Mono diamond is Type lb diamond with excellent heat conducting characteristics (four times that of copper), and are free from metal inclusions within the critical working zone. These properties are similar to those generally found in natural diamond, ensuring rapid removal of heat from the cutting point of a cutting tool or the drawing zone of a wire drawing die. This contributes greatly to consistency of tool performance. They are oriented with respect to diamond’s crystallographic planes and are thermally stable in excess of 1000°C in a protected non-oxidising environment.
    Single crystal diamond cutting tool application:
    The single crystal diamond is principally used in applications where surface finish and component form accuracy are required at levels unattainable with conventional polycrystalline tool materials. In ultra-precision machining, surface roughness values are of the order of nanometers and form accuracies are commonly sub-micron. The single crystal nature of these materials facilitate the manufacture of cutting tools with edge roughness and sharpness values in the order of 10 nm and form accuracies in the micrometer range. Such ultra-precision diamond tools are used in applications ranging from optics to precious metal machining.
    Single crystal diamond cutting tool types:
    We produce Mono diamond turning tools, Single crystalline diamond turning inserts, Mono diamond tipped inserts, Single crystal diamond indexable cutting tool inserts, Mono diamond CNC cutting inserts, Single point tooling inserts, Single crystalline turning tools, Mono diamond cutting inserts.Single-Crystal Diamond Cutting Tools price