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    Product Introduction
    High quality lithium 60V 12Ah Electric Bicycle Lithium battery.
    Product Description:
    Product Usage:
    ⇒ UPS, Solar, Wind, Mobile generator, Back up power
    ⇒Scooter, E-bike, Golf cart, E-motor, E-tour car, tricycle
    ⇒Electric drill, electric saw, lawn mower and so on
    ⇒Medical devices, equipment and portable equipment
    ⇒Blutooth, GPS, Wearable device, Power supply, Wireless3.
    ⇒ Solar power bank, Solar LED lighting, Solar street light
    ⇒Remote control cars, boat, aircraft, toys
    Lithium ion battery features
    • Operation temperature: -20~60 C
    • Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained.
    • No memory effect, highly efficient charge anytime, no reduction of capacity.
    • Long life=2000 times, 6-8 times of lead acid battery,large capacity and good shock resistance
    • Lighter weight smaller size: half size of lead acid battery,
    • Low self-discharge<3% monthly and good discharge performance at high/low temperature.
    Our Factory:

    wholesale 60V Electric Bike Battery