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How to use a Colored OLED Display SSD1331

How to drive the Arduino color OLED The display is very small. It has almost the same size as the monochrome OLED display. But the resolution of it is not the same. It has a resolution of 96×64 pixels. So, it has a lower resolution at the same size. It can display 65 thousand colors! The display…
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Led Matrix DIY for Arduino Nano

Dot Matrix 8×8 Make a cheap and good looking LED matrix Things used in this project Hardware components Arduino Nano R3 × 1 LED (generic) × 1 OSH Park Custom fabricated PCB × 1 Software apps and online services Arduino IDE Hand tools and fabrication machines Soldering iron (generic) Story Theory of LED dot matrix…
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Arduino Quadcopter

By PrashantS161Follow Its not only a Quadcopter ,,,, Its a open source Machine!!!! Many of you face a problem when it comes to Flight Controller which is the brain of the Multirotor. There are plenty of ready-made pre-flashed Flight controllers in the market for cheap, But have you thought of building your own Flight controller with…
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Live Subscribe Counter NodeMCU

What is NodeMCU? NodeMCU is an open source IoT platform. It includes firmware which runs on the ESP8266 Wi-Fi SoC from Espressif Systems, and hardware which is based on the ESP-12 module. … It is based on the eLua project, and built on the Espressif Non-OS SDK for ESP8266. It uses many open source projects, such…
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Arduino Spirit Level with LCD

Parts list: Arduino board LCD 16×2 Gyroscope MPU-6050 Potentiometer 10K Resistor 220 ohm Breadbord Connecting wire Wiring: Video: Code: #include <LiquidCrystal.h> LiquidCrystal lcd(7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12); #include <Wire.h> //Declaring some global variables int gyro_x, gyro_y, gyro_z; long acc_x, acc_y, acc_z, acc_total_vector; int temperature; long gyro_x_cal, gyro_y_cal, gyro_z_cal; long loop_timer; int lcd_loop_counter; float angle_pitch,…
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Line Follower Robot Arduino 

Line Follower Robot Arduino Line Follower Robot follows a black line. arduino project infrared ir sensor line follower COMPONENTS AND SUPPLIES Arduino UNO & Genuino UNO × 1 SparkFun Dual H-Bridge motor drivers L298 × 1 Proximity Sensor × 1 APPS AND ONLINE SERVICES Arduino IDE ABOUT THIS PROJECT Line Follower Robot Best & Fast…
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How to Make Radio Controlled Arduino Car with FS-iA6 and Motor Driver Board

Radio Controlled Arduino Car with FS-iA6 and Motor Driver Board In this article i will guide you in detail how to Make Radio Controlled Arduino Car with FS-iA6 and LM298N Motor Driver Board so that you can make one of your own. This Arduino Project is easy to make and Fun to play with therefore…
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Open Pilot GCS

OpenPilot You can use the OpenPilot Ground Control Station (GCS) both to configure your controller board and to control and monitor your aircraft during flight. More commonly, you would use a conventional radio control transmitter to control your vehicle, but the GCS is also capable of doing so.   All OpenPilot products use the same…
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LED Cube 4x4x4

Chapter 1 1.1 Introduction The Led Cube 4x4x4 or in short led cube is a relatively simple fully programmable cube based on the Arduino Nano Board. To be able to build the LED Cube you need to be able to work with a soldering iron and have a strong sense of persistency this is because…
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Arduino Voltmeter

Arduino Digital Voltmeter 5V Get accurate readings for voltage using arduino. COMPONENTS AND SUPPLIES Arduino Nano R3 × 1 Breadboard (generic) × 1 Adafruit Standard LCD – 16×2 White on Blue × 1 Jumper wires (generic) × 1 ABOUT THIS PROJECT Arduino Digital Voltmeter is a digital voltmeter which can measure voltage upto 5V. Watch…
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