Electronic Dice with UTSOURCE

Electronic Dice with UTSOURCE

Electronic Dice

Electronic Dice is a playful electronic project with integrated electronic components involvement. The dice works extremely well in all favorable conditions a user needs when he/she plays a game. Using beautiful schematic and colorful LEDs’ dice reflects enjoyment when biasing. So, let’s begin towards the development.

Principle of Electronic Device:

An integrated circuit(IC) 4017 is connected in the circuit, whenever the user touches the naked wire leaves a side of the circuit. The signal reaches the IC which is connected to the 6 variant LED’s the power is given simultaneously to LEDs and when the user removes his/her hand away from the naked wire. The signals stop at a certain LED and it indicates the number obtained from that LED with it’s naming. What are you waiting for let’s make it.

Components Required:

1. Integrated circuit (IC) 4017 (1) get it from here

2. 6 LED’s (same or different colors). get it from here

3. 9v Battery. get it from here

4. Connecting or jumper wires. get it from here

5. Battery clip. get it from here

6. Breadboard. get it from here


1. Insert the 4017 IC on the breadboard.

2. The pins of the IC are designated from 1-16 from left to right and then right to left sequentially.

3. Connect pin 16 of the IC to the positive rail of the breadboard and pin 8 to the negative rail of the breadboard.

4. Connect pin 13 of IC to the negative rail of the breadboard.

5. Connect pin 5 of the IC to pin 15 of the breadboard

6. Insert 5 LED’s on the breadboard with their cathodes connected to the negative rail and their anode connected to pin 1, pin 2, pin 3, pin 4 and pin 7.

7. Insert the 6thLED on the breadboard with its anode connected to pin 10 and cathode connected to the negative rail of the breadboard.

8. Then earth the negative terminal of the breadboard.

9. Then connect a wire to pin 14 of the breadboard and leave the other end of the wire open (naked).

10. Connect 9v battery clip to the 9v battery

11. And insert the power supply on the breadboard

12. There are 6 LED’s and each LED corresponds to one number on the dice respectively.

13. So, whenever we touch the open wire the biasing of the number starts and LEDs shuffle.

14. And when we remove our hand from the wire one number corresponding to the dice will appear, seems nice right.

As shown we got the number 5.

And now number 6.


The electronic Dice is the best playful automated and technology-oriented circuit, it uses IC 4017 that corresponds to the signal when the user touches it and presents the output to use in the emitting form of LED.

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Circuit Diagram

circuit diagram for electronic dice is shown in figure

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