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WHAT DOES PCB STANDS FOR? PCB stands for “Printed Circuit Board”. A PCB is made up of a laminated material or some fiberglass. For both laptops and desktops, PCBs are used. The conductive path is printed on the board where we can connect different components on the PCB like resistance, transistors, etc. PCBs are mostly used in many devices like radios, cell phones, digital cameras, and many other electronic devices. SMD COMPONENTS:- SMDs are Surface Mount Devices that are especially made for mounting SMT PCBs i.e., for Surface Mount Technologies. SMD components come in various sizes as well as these components needs less space . The bigger sizes like 0805 and 0603 can be soldered easily using a thin tip soldering iron. Here we provide another video which describe how can we Solder SMD Devices on a PCB and also the SMD Soldering Techniques https://youtu.be/OpCdURINP6Q . SMDs works on PCB…

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Can we make our project to talk with the internet? How to connect our esp32 with the internet? Can we stream data from it? Is it safe to store data in the cloud server?

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The ESP32 is an affordable, all-in-one, option for connecting your projects to the internet using Adafruit.io IoT platform, Adafruit IO. Install Libraries In the Arduino IDE, navigate to Sketch -> Include Library->Manage Libraries… Enter Adafruit IO Arduino into the search box, and click Install on the Adafruit IO Arduino library option to install version 4.0.0 or higher. When asked to install dependencies, click Install all. Adafruit IO Setup If you do not already have an Adafruit IO account, create one now. Next, navigate to the Adafruit IO Dashboards page. We’ll create a dashboard to visualize and interact with the data being sent between your ESP32-S2 board and Adafruit IO.  Create a New Dashboard Name your new Dashboard Your new dashboard should appear in the list. Click the link to be brought to your new dashboard. We’ll want to turn the board’s LED on or off from Adafruit IO. To do this, we’ll need to add a toggle…

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ESP-WIFI-MESH is a wireless communication network with nodes organized in a mesh topology using the simultaneous AP-STA feature on Espressif SoCs. It provides a self-forming and self-healing network, with ease of deployment. So today we are using mesh networking in order to make a wireless controlled car using esp8266 and esp32. We are using painless mesh library. painlessMesh is a library that takes care of the particulars of creating a simple mesh network using esp8266 and esp32 hardware. The goal is to allow the programmer to work with a mesh network without having to worry about how the network is structured or managed. Link for Painless mesh library – https://github.com/gmag11/painlessMesh Code for Remote – ESP32 Code for Car – ESP8266