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The Raspberry Pi foundation changed single-board computing when they released the Raspberry Pi computer, now they’re ready to do the same for microcontrollers with the release of the brand-new Raspberry Pi Pico. But wait Microcontroller and single board computers what are they? Are they any different? Let’s clarify that first. The computer runs on operating systems and designed to complete multiple tasks at the same time. While on the other hand, Microcontrollers are a different type of device than Single Board Computers (like the Raspberry Pi 4 and previous generations of Pi), they don’t run an operating system and they are typically programmed to do just one task – though that task can be pretty intricate and exciting! They’re perfect for experimenting with hardware and using it as the brains of custom devices, machines, and inventions. Examples of Single Board computers are Nvidia Jetson, Raspberry pi etc And Microcontrollers includes our lovely Arduino, ESP8266,…

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