How to buy assembled PCBs from JLCPCB

How to buy assembled PCBs from JLCPCB

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If you are following my channel for a while, you might notice I make a lot of PCB-based projects here and recently started to build SMD component-based projects. SMD components come in various sizes. The bigger sizes like 0805 and 0603 can be soldered easily using a thin tip soldering iron and a video on how to solder these components can be found here.

The problem comes right here when we try to solder the smaller components like 0402 size, we cannot do that using our bare hands here we need assembly machines That can solder our components easily. Those machines are really expensive. So, companies provide services to customers for PCB assembly. We send them our design files, PCBs and components then they assemble those PCBs for us.

The best part is that some companies assemble the SMD components and provide the components. This means we just have to pay for the components and the assembly.
JLCPCB went a step further they manufacture the PCB, providing components (SMD as well as THT), and assembling them also.
So, we will provide them with the Design files and we will get a fully assembled PCB at our doorsteps.

In this video we will learn how to design a PCB that can be assembled easily using a PCB assembling service then we will go to to order our PCB with SMT assembly.

Finally, we will get a fully assembled PCB from, So without wasting time let’s start the video.

This tutorial will focus on 3 major points which are

1. Selecting components for PCB

2. Getting the files ready

3. Ordering PCB with SMT assembly service

Step 1: Components

PCB assemblers have a huge variety of components in their inventory. But still, some components can cause a shortage or unavailability issue. So, while designing the PCB we should select those components which the PCB assemblers have in their inventory.

If you don’t know how to design a PCB, you can learn it in just 15 minutes. Yes! Exactly in 15 minutes. Make sure to watch it before this video.

For accessing the JLCPCB SMT library you need to go to resources and click on SMT Parts Library. Here you can search your parts numbers and manufacturers’ part numbers and verify the availability, price, and much more. I am going to use two software today

1. Altium Designer

2. EasyEDA

One of these is easy-to-use software and another one is professional-grade software, I think I should not mention which one is which.

For EasyEDA you need to copy the JLCPCB Part number and paste it into the search box of the EasyEDA parts library. Or you can directly search it from there by selecting JLCPCB assembled. It’s that simple.

For Altium Designer, copy the Manufacturer Part number and go to Altium designer. To open the Manufacturer Part Search panel, select View » Panels » Manufacturer Part Search from the main menu or the Manufacturer Part Search option from the button menu at the lower right of the main screen. When vertically docked, use the pin icon to toggle the panel layout between full screen (wide) mode and its narrow-docked mode.

Now paste the part number here. Now you can select the part from various manufacturers and now you can use it in your PCB design.

Once your design is complete now, we can move to the next step.

Step 2: Files

To get a fully assembled PCB from any PCB assembler, we need to provide them with some data, including the component’s name, components placement, and the PCB files.

These files are known as

1. Bill of material or BOM file

It is an excel file that contains the part numbers, name, footprints, and the number of parts used. It contains the components.

2. Pick and Place or CPM file

It contains the placement of parts on the PCB. It has the coordinates, and rotation of components on the PCB.

3. PCB fabrication files or Gerber Files

As the name suggests it contains the PCB files.

Extraction of these files can be different for different PCB designing software.

For EasyEDA, go to Fabrication to download all the files.

For Altium Designer,

Open your PCB design files on Altium designer software

Select File -> Fabrication Outputs -> Gerber Files for PCB Fabrication files.

For Pick and Place file

Select File -> Assembly Outputs -> Generate Pick and Place Files

For BOM file

Select Report -> BOM then click on export.

Now we have all of our files with us. Now we are ready to order our PCBs with SMT assembly from jlcpcb.

First, open the JLCPCB website and click on order now. Now we will upload our PCB fabrication files or Gerber files here. Once uploaded we can set our PCB order quantity, color, and other important points.

Then scroll down to the bottom, and select SMT assembly. Now we need to select the assembly side, which means the side we want to assemble components on our PCB. JLCPCB currently provides only single-sided assembly. Then click on I confirm.

Now we will upload our BOM and CPL files here. And click next.

On this page, we need to check our components whether are selected properly or not. If some component is missing, we can select a similar one. Then click next.

We need to verify the placement of components on the PCB on this page. Once verified we can save it to the cart.

Then we will click on secure checkout and fill in our shipping address and shipping method. Then in the payment method, you will find coupons. Select them to get a discount of 9$. Then pay it using any payment method.

After 7 days I received those PCBs. These look amazing. One of the capacitors was not there due to an inventory shortage. But the board works fine without it.

In this way, you can order your assembled PCBs from

This was it, for this video. Hope you like it. If yes then hit that like button and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you are new here.

Thank you for watching and have a nice day.

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