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    Best Stainless Steel Underwater Pool Fountain Lights Projector Lamp GLF-PL
    Stainless steel underwater pool lights projector lamp GLF-PL
    Product Description
    Military grade quality deep underwater Light from 0-300 meters depth. Mainly used for deep water lighting, pool bottom lighting, underbridge lighting etc.
    Product parameters
    Power10W, 20W, 30W, 50W and 100W
    LED ChipsetBridgelux
    Light Outer Size95 x 146mm
    Luminous Flux800-900(LM-10W)
    Color Temperature5500-6500k
    Type of LuminescenceSpotlight about 75掳
    Compression ResistanceUp to 30MPA
    Housing Material304 Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel housing for high anti-compression in deep water, Working normally in up to 300 meters depth water environment, With military grade watertightness cable attched.
    There are Warm White, Pure White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green color as option
    Our Certifications
    Packaging & Shipping
    Packaging: Packing with carton or veneer case.
    Shipping: Any port of China or by International express.

    Company Information
    Shaanxi Granfoo Industrial Co., Ltd. is a company committed to developing, manufacturing, sales, and service of industrial special underwater camera. We insist on providing high quality products and to customers.

    The company has a group of young technical staff and high-quality talents, also cooperate with series university and research institutions, and the products with complete intellectual property rights.

    Our product can work in high pressure, high temperature, high speed, wireless video transport, and other special underwater environment, and be wildly used in the fields of petroleum, military, science research, fishery, underwater sports, and rescue. Exported to Chile, UAE, France, British and America and other countries, have rich experience in the underwater camera international business.
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    Production Line

    Welcome to buy the best quality and cheap stainless steel underwater pool lights projector lamp glf-pl for sale from Granfoo Industrial. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various underwater products, we will offer you reasonable price and excellent services.cheap pool led lights