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    However, costumes vary sexycostumesbuy Skull Trooper Costume in price for both kids and grown-ups – so The Sun has put together a guide on some of the cheapest Fortnite fancy dress outfits available online.

    Fortnite: Battle Royale is the wildly popular free online game where 100 people play against each other in a last-man-standing style of fight.

    It’s reported to have earned $1billion (£760million) for its creator Epic Games since its launch late last year from in-game purchases that players buy, such as different outfits – known as “skins” – for a character.

    Popular outfits range from classic skins such as Raven and the Black Knight to seasonal favourites such as the exclusive Halloween-themed Skull Trooper and the Valentine’s Day limited edition Cuddle Team Leader outfit.

    These outfits don’t offer any gameplay advantage but players snap them up anyway to make their player – called a “hero” – more distinctive from the 99 other players fighting to the virtual death online.

    Be on your guard when it comes to shopping for costumes on eBay though, as some costumes may be counterfeit.

    This can mean that they don’t comply with quality or safety regulations, so they could fall apart easily or be a fire risk.

    Here’s our guide to the cheapest costumes available.

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