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    DC-3 Air Cooled Reducer Breather Product Introduction:
    DC-3 Air Cooled Reducer Breather adapts to a variety of reducer series. It is a product of American DES-CASE company. It is replaced by Senjie filter for comprehensive localization, which can effectively prevent the humid water vapor in the air from entering the fuel tank, thus avoiding the fuel tank. For pollution, Senjie filter products are selected from high-quality dryer granules, which can be clearly judged by the color change, and the pollution caused by not being replaced in time can be avoided.
    DC-3 Air Cooled Reducer Breather Product Characteristics:
    1.Removes moisture in the headspace of equipment
    2.Eliminates rust-forming condensation
    3.Prevents sludge deposits and water-contaminated oil
    4.Prevents contamination ingress
    5.Provides longer lubricant life
    6.Reduces wear and tear on equipment, prolongs life
    DC-3 Air Cooled Reducer Breather Product Application:
    DES-CASE’s filters are world-renowned and widely used in reducer, chemical, paper and other industries,
    as well as oil filtering equipment, which is a guarantee for the cleanliness of factory lubricants, especially known for its reducer filters. The top of the reducer can filter the air entering the reducer. The unique 5 micron filter cotton and desiccant are the air that enters the reducer and is clean and clean, ensuring the cleanliness of the reducer to reduce the frequency of the reducer. To prevent impurities from entering the inside of the reducer, the gear can be better protected.
    DC-3 Air Cooled Reducer Breather Installation Method:
    Thread mounting
    Easily replace standard packing / breathing cap multi-fit connection or an adapter
    The high quality umbrella check valve will not block or protect the unit from the flushing under the rod groove. Check equipment to isolate environmental conditions and extend respiratory life.
    DC-3 Air Cooled Reducer Breather Quality Assurance:
    Ensure that the processing technology and testing means of the filter element supplied are complete, and the product will never leave the factory with defects.Breather