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    Invention Patent
    QK-TB Aerator mixer, introducing high-tech from UAS, is a new self-developed plug-flow type aerator. Patent NO. ZL201410833871.1
    With function of Aeration, Plug-flow &mixing, Air, water and sludge can fully mixing and constitute a circulation flow. QK-TB Aerator mixer is widely used in Carrousel Oxidation ditch and Orbal oxidation ditch, etc.
    ● Higher oxygen conversion rate
    ● Adjustable & flexible installation ways
    ● Smaller footprint
    ● Stable performance & easy maintenance
    Product Structures & Working Principle
    1. impeller
    2. Beam barrel
    3. Beam
    4. Holder
    5. Atomizer
    6. Zirconia bearing
    7. Polyether bearing sleeve
    8. Adjustable pad
    9. Motor end coupling
    10. Cardan
    11. Motor
    12-15.Standard parts
    Driven by motor, propellers spin will lead a low pressure zone. Air is introduced though air pipe to reach the low pressure zone, in where, water and air are pressed into tiny bubbles. These bubbles diffuse to provide aeration and mixing to process water.
    1. Higher O2 Transfer rate, More energy-saving
    With the function of both air diffusing & water mixing, and low pressure zone by high speed rotary, the O2 Transfer rate highly improves and energy saving about30%.
    2. Nice and fluency water flow, no sludge setting
    The High pushing force, caused by high speed Rotary of impellers, effectively plug water-air mixing to flow, no sludge setting .
    3. More Adjustable and flexible
    Aeration rate is adjustable, vibration-free, noiseless and easy maintenance (no need to empty aeration basin), lower installation cost.
    4. Easy installation, stable working, easy maintenance
    Simple installation, can be floating mounted or fixing mounted, solo or combined, stainless steel bearings and polyether bearing sleeve, makes stable working performance and low cost easy maintenance.
    Oxidation Ditch Upgrade
    Aerator Mixer VS Reverse Umbrella Aerator
    QK-TB Aerator mixer
    ● Quick Installation &unload, easy maintenance.
    ● Higher O2 Transfer rate, more energy-saving.
    ● Full air-water contact, higher working performance
    ● Full water-sludge mixing without sludge setting
    ● No air pollution
    ● Less foam or no foam appearing
    Reverse Umbrella Aerator
    ● Strong surface mixing lead to emitting of under graded contaminant in water which also leads air pollution.
    ● A large amount of foam will be generated by high-speed stirring on the surface when wate water contains grease and surfactants.
    ● Low oxygen conversion rate, high energy consumption, cumbersome maintenance and high cost
    ● Inadequate mixing of sludge and wastewater, poor treatment result.
    ● The inconformity of upper and lower water speeds result in a large amount of sludge setting, which reduces the effective volume and treatment effect.
    Blower motor(kW)345.57.6
    Impeller diameters(mm)400440470580
    Working depth(m)3-203-203-204-20
    Air intake(m³/h)330420550700
    Working distance(m)10-2118-3530-5540-70
    Oxygenation capacity(kgO2/h)~99~126~165~210
    Reference CaseChina Aeration System

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