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  • towelcrane posted an update 1 month ago

    Grade AA, A, AB, B, BC
    Caliber 16/18mm to 26/28mm
    Specification 2/16/90, 3/14/90,7/10/90 etc., special specification are customized
    Feature White color, without veins, no holes, strong texture, HACCP & FDA certificate
    Package Salted casing, tubed casing, pipe casing, overlap tube casing are workable.

    What is sausage?
    It is the external packaging of sausages, its basic function is to ensure that sausages do not deteriorate in a certain condition and time to meet the needs of storage and circulation. This function is provided by the barrier index of sausage, namely oxygen barrier, water vapor barrier and fragrance barrier.
    Do you want to soak before use?
    The sausage is fresh. Just soak and wash it before you use it. How much to use? If you don’t need it, just put it in the refrigerator. Storage at room temperature without opening, quality assurance Dried Casing Made in China

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