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Lets start making Our Servo Motor Tester Hi This Article is about Servo Motors and How to Make a Servo Motor Tester. Before Start Reading. Kindly take a Minute and Subscribe me on YouTube – Click here -> RoboCircuits I needed a servo tester for my workshop, to have at hand whenever I change servo horns or need to see if a servo is dead. I decided to use a 555 timer to do this. 555 IC will create PWM signals for our Servo Motor Tester. Driving a Servo Motor This is covered everywhere on the internet, so I’ll be brief. A typical RC servo is controlled by a 50Hz square pulse signal called Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The high pulse time varies from 1ms to 2ms, where 1ms gives 0 degrees and 2ms gives 90 degrees. This is followed by a low time of 16-18ms. The servo has a…

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